Making Reusable Assets (In-Game Options)

I missed this so much! Getting back to the making of games - from scratch. And that means I get to build from the ground up what the world of DarkSceneGames will be like. In order to do that, I like to have a few things set in place...

Style Recap

Finding skull-themed items at local stores that don’t specialize in this style after the trend died out was such a pleasant surprise.

But what has happened, really, all these years with style, between the closing and the reopening of DarkSceneGames?

Rewinding Mixtape, Vol. 1

While we’re still pumping life back into DarkSceneGames, do you want to go on a trip to the past, carried by music?
I put together a 'mixtape', including hits from the years 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Emo Is Not Dead?

I moved on with my life, or so I thought, and I’m just trying to do the “responsible” thing, be an “adult”, try and pass as “normal”. Because being emo was “just a phase”. But then I came across this YouTube channel and... Look, I was (am?) as sensitive and moody as emos come, so you can’t call me a poser (pfft, does anyone even use this term anymore?), but this is still hilarious.

Back from The Grave!

Guess who’s back from the grave! DarkSceneGames is!

Whether you’re an old member visiting in hopes to see us back, someone who never saw this place before but wandered in now upon playing any of our old games that are still scattered around the internet, or someone who doesn’t know any of it and is just here being like, “WTH is this?” You are all welcome and I’m glad to walk you through it.