Back from The Grave!

Guess who’s back from the grave! DarkSceneGames is!

Whether you’re an old member visiting in hopes to see us back, someone who never saw this place before but wandered in now upon playing any of our old games that are still scattered around the internet, or someone who doesn’t know any of it and is just here being like, “WTH is this?” You are all welcome and I’m glad to walk you through it.

First of all, for more context, you can check out our About section, which is currently filled with some general information on what this is all about. Other than that, keep reading if you wish to learn more!

I shall introduce myself. You can call me P. Maybe I’ll adopt a cool nickname later to use as your host in this world. But for now, let’s just go with that. I’m the artist behind DarkSceneGames. I’m the culprit. The black sheep. The one who dared create this monstrosity. But of course, not without the assistance and support of two of my best friends ever, G. and M. They were with me then and are still today believing in me and giving me a hand.

However, the blame for the site going down can be put entirely on me. It’s a long story, to say the least. And one I’m not sure should be covered tonight. But rest assured that I learned my lesson. HARSHLY. And I’m back to stay. More committed to it than I ever was.

I deeply apologize for having abandoned this project. I didn’t realize how important it would be to me for the rest of my life. But well, I was still pretty much a kid and had yet A LOT to figure out for myself. Now that I’m back, older, stronger, and wiser, I can do better - especially since it became crystal clear to me that DarkSceneGames will forever be one of the best things that ever happened to me. And not just in the commercial sense.

Years have passed. Over a decade. And much has changed all around us. I don’t expect things to be like they were before. I’m just overjoyed to continue with the essence of what made this place so dear to me. And that is how much I could create and invent, by both making and playing these games, while feeling at home with a community of people that appreciated the dark or otherwise alternative genres that we cover.

Really, if karma is real, I probably got what I deserved for turning my back on this and walking away. But to be fair, I did have questions I had to seek the answers to and I could not ignore that either. Am human too, evidently with issues.

If you’re a past fan that used to eagerly look forward to more from DarkSceneGames, I hope you can forgive me. And I hope that we can still bring you content that you love!

As to everyone in general, if you’re interested in seeing where this will go, check in for updates and/or join our mailing list! We’ll keep you tuned. Happy to have you around if you enjoy our stuff!

- Sincerely, P.