Emo Is Not Dead?

I moved on with my life, or so I thought, and I’m just trying to do the “responsible” thing, be an “adult”, try and pass as “normal”. Because being emo was “just a phase”. But then I came across this YouTube channel and... Look, I was (am?) as sensitive and moody as emos come, so you can’t call me a poser (pfft, does anyone even use this term anymore?), but this is still hilarious.

Amused by how pretty much all the videos are titled “felt emo again might delete”. Makes browsing his collection a pain but I don’t cease to find it funny. And how his slogan is “EMO'S NOT DEAD” and is all over his merchandise? Priceless.

Y’all, if you were or are into the emo genre and you want a laugh at yourselves, I’d recommend you check out his videos. Honestly, you can find it offensive or simply… not. If anything, I see it as poking harmless fun at being overdramatic. Or just dramatic (not necessarily a derogatory term). Like how he slapped a filter and suddenly they’re in the Twilight movie. And I’m guilty, too, of having an emotional song for practically everything.

I’m gonna give you all a heads up and say that I’m in team don’t take yourself too seriously. I sincerely relate to and appreciate these genres for reasons that I might later explain, but I’d still encourage you to leave some space for laughter - especially in these trying times, when anything can be turned into a meme and go viral.

Point in case, this is the first video I watched. Probably found it extra comical because I’m both a dancer and a fan of the song in the background. Also a former (forever?) emo. And I’d been wanting to bring it up since I first decided to reopen the site, for the sheer hilarity of it. Yet, at the moment, *watches it again* ...it’s actually even crazier to me.

I feel her. I’d be concerned too. But relieved they seemed to end on a... friendly note?
Maybe they just enjoy dance-offs and there was never anything to worry about…
They’re all okay, right? Right??

Anyway, have fun! That’s what this portal is and will be for!

- Hugs if you need them, P.