Style Recap

Finding skull-themed items at local stores that don’t specialize in this style after the trend died out was such a pleasant surprise.

But what has happened, really, all these years with style, between the closing and the reopening of DarkSceneGames?

After Monster High came out, it became a known part of kids’ childhoods, sharing the aisles with Barbies and other brands we’re familiar with. Not completely sure how much exactly of a difference that’s making in their upbringing, but I believe I would have liked them too as a child. And it is relieving to have “monsters” and the engagement with them destigmatized like that.

Everyone can wear black nail polish (not that they literally couldn’t before, but it was a lot more frowned upon and/or associated with specific groups). Now it doesn’t matter if you’re dark and rebellious or not - even my mom wears it nowadays. After so much criticism and mockery on skinny jeans, they sort of became the norm. And although that’s no longer the case, they still look good - especially with sneakers and boots, but also work well with dressier footwear. Having unnatural colors on your hair became more commonplace and, even in some of the most conservative locations, you can occasionally spot people wearing them like it’s nothing.

There came a wave that I thankfully never rode and that I don’t have to ride, neither do you, of applying 3+ layers of foundation, concealer, and contouring to make your face look like someone else’s. It’s painful for me to see. Like, darn, let your pores BREATHE. That’s heavy on your skin. I don’t recommend it, I don’t condone it. Unless you’re cosplaying or transforming into a different creature for artistic purposes, I see it as doing more damage than it’s worth. Don’t expect makeup games from us including that sort of torture. Instead, we’d like to promote finding unique styles that suit you or your characters.

Many of the styles that took up the spotlight back then, whether in fame or infamy, became mostly or partly a thing of the past. And that’s okay. It was never about being mainstream. But given that, it seems that a great portion of what we’ll be covering will be done in a nostalgic sense rather than by keeping up with what’s currently hip (though if something new comes along that belongs in here, I’ll be happy to include it).

This brings the question…
Should we make room for the 80s and other retro topics too?
We’ll see in time.

Next, on to designing starter graphics!

- Enthusiastic about the possibilities, P.