Making Reusable Assets (Interface Graphics)

We’re getting closer! 2021 was about setting down the foundations for what will be a vast world that will continue to grow and evolve for many more years to come (blueprints and such). The wait will be worth it. 🤘🏻★

Sticking to what takes us back to what DarkSceneGames once was, we’re grabbing some of the looks our interfaces had and reusing (and remaking) graphics that suit them. We want to be making both quality and quantity in casual games (or apps) while keeping some degree of consistency among their interfaces - at least for what will be a series of them - so we’re getting our designs and assets coordinated and set. Above are a handful of graphics, retrieved from past games, that we’ll bring forward and base more around.

So from here on, it’s about creating, assembling, and programming what will be contained in each game (or app).
2022 will be the year! Can’t wait to build!

- On it, P.