Emo's Coming Back 'Cause He's a Star

This just out! It has black, hot pink, emphasis on fashion and style, and EMO! I could NOT not have it here. I thought this place vibed the most with Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Thing, but felt emo in da club might just be this place's anthem.

Y'all, it's been over a decade. We're all adults now. And I can't speak for all former emos or forever emos, but it's like, when you go through hell and back, you develop a messed up sense of humor - to cope and over the absurdity that makes up all. And I can resonate with that. But my heart's with you if you're going through some heavy stuff that doesn't evoke or allow any laughter and I hope that things get better.

At this rate, I might end up filling the site with Emo's Not Dead content. This is my second time bringing it up and there are only 8 articles. But you know what? I don't mind. I LOVE Emo's Not Dead. Been laughing thanks to it since January 2020. The Screamo Blend coffee video, especially, kept cracking me up. But all of them are hilarious. It's so contagious, too. I can't count the times I've held myself back from saying "felt emo might delete" when I, in fact, felt emo and was about to post something I might later delete. I feel kind of bad, even. I've been off the scene all this time while Matt Cutshall has been doing the heavy lifting of bringing emo back to life in spite of it all. But for real, I thank him for that.

Emo has a very special place in my heart. It was during the emo period (it's not a phase, mom) that I finally started to find myself, 30 Seconds To Mars' The Kill style. And believe it or not, it did me well. But I won't get into deep psychology now to try and explain why and how. The point is that I'll always look back to that period as one of great personal significance. And it's such that I had to bring this site back because I'd forever feel as though an essential part of me is missing otherwise.
♪ I'm still hella emo. ♪

So, as requested in the video, I'll help keep emo alive. Actually, I vow to it. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part... I take it upon myself to help keep emo alive. With dark scene games and more that is to come. Honestly, it gives me so much fulfillment to do. It was a mistake to abandon it and it will be a mistake if I abandon it again. So, you can count on my sticking around and making emo content. 

I'm already subscribed and have probably hit like on all the videos by now. Plus, have shared the videos with both people I know online and in person. Y'all, reading this now or in the future, should check out the channel and support it if you enjoy it too!

Heh, heh.
♪ Looking way out of place,
like I've been locked in Hot Topic since it's 2008. ♪
Same, same.

- In da club, P.