What's Coming...

Hi again! I’m back to making regular posts. It will be monthly until we’re able to devote more time to this place as well as release more of what we’ve worked on. Both M. and I are currently juggling various jobs and tasks and can’t go 100% on it. However, the love for it definitely hasn’t died and just keeps getting stronger...

So, if nothing else, you can count on at least one article per month until we up the pace. They will come every last Friday of the month, at 8:00PM (AST). And they will contain a few goodies that you might appreciate if you love EMO (the genre that started off this world) or still remember and are fond of DarkSceneGames. Plus, just help to set the mood. More may be posted in between or alongside them, but there’s no guarantee for that.

 MARCH   Friday 25th 

 APRIL   Friday 29th 
Introduction to EMO
 MAY   Friday 27th 
Free EMO wallpapers pack
 JUNE   Friday 24th 
Free EMO stickers pack
 JULY   Friday 29th 
Resuming Mixtape, Vol.1
 AUGUST   Friday 26th 
DarkSceneGames site reconstruction
 SEPTEMBER   Friday 30th 
DarkSceneGames merchandise
 OCTOBER   Friday 28th 
DarkSceneGames mascots
 NOVEMBER   Friday 25th 
DarkSceneGames freebies
 DECEMBER   Friday 30th 
DarkSceneGames origins (+ handful of old games brought back)

Furthermore, we’re taking January and February off and starting the new cycle with the beginning of Spring, in March. EMOs gotta withdraw.

Y’all, stay authentic and expressive!
It’s good for our tainted and damaged hearts…

- Your emo neighbor, P.