DarkSceneGames had its origins in the year 2008, as a site that brought together games themed around dark or otherwise alternative scenes.

It sprung to life thanks to the character Emo Annie, who many could resonate with and who, therefore, inspired the creation of even more works under the emo genre. However, this was only the first of various other genres that DarkSceneGames came to encompass as an online arcade portal.

In the words of back then, DarkSceneGames was a:

“Free, online arcade portal featuring a large and growing collection of dark games - including themes such as Emo, Punk, Rock, Goth, Halloween, Mythical, Occult, Horror, and more! Explore, play, discuss and hang out!”

Unfortunately, though, the site closed down and its address was taken over. For years, no more than the memory of it remained at its location. Nevertheless, after around a decade, in 2020, the address was released and could be retrieved. And with that, came the decision to reopen the site. With much nostalgia and sentimentalism, it is being brought back to life. But it will not return the same from the afterlife…

Stick around to see what DarkSceneGames will now come to be.