• Where does the name come from?
Admittedly, the name was chosen mainly for the purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It was what worked between describing what the place was for and what would pop up in searches. At least back in the day (around 2010). However, out of sentimentality, we’re sticking with it now (though may change in the future). The word Scene can be taken with multiple meanings. It may even at times refer to scene fashion or to dramatically causing a scene. Regardless, it is mostly referencing scenes as in what goes within a frame.

• Where are the games?
Not here yet! Some of the old games, which were made in Flash (R.I.P. Flash), can still be found scattered around different casual games portals. But we’re taking our time to bring in remasters, remakes, and brand new games, now made in Unity, to run on the web and on mobiles. This is something that we want to do with and out of love, so please be patient! In the meantime, you can check every month for our works-in-progress updates or join our mailing list to receive them directly.

• Why promote these problematic genres?
To get on the nerves of puritans and conservatives? Nah. Truth is: The fact that people exist that have a problem with them doesn’t stop them from being genres that are worth exploring, experiencing, and experimenting with, genres that some of us find intriguing, exciting, and fascinating, genres that a few of us can’t get enough of, genres that resonate. And we don’t have a problem with them. What we do have a problem with is the suppression of these things for no good reason.

• Why such emphasis on style?
Not emphasis, really, just that style is what we focus on. It doesn’t mean that we believe it is all there is or what should be prioritized. It’s just an aspect we’re devoting to and specializing in. If you don’t care for it, that’s totally fine!

• What type of content is here/coming?
Currently, some information and a few updates while we set down the foundations for this world. Later, various categories of creativity games (starting with fashion, continuing with decoration, and so on).

• What else can we expect?
Given that this is for the long haul, we’re looking forward to bringing more and more to it throughout the years. See it take shape and evolve over time. Let imagination and the realities of the moment guide us. Initially, though, you can expect a collection of games themed around dark (or alternative) scenes.